Admiral-Class Battlecruiser
Afilliation Royal Navy
Max Displacement 48,650
Main Guns 4 turrets (2 forward, 2 aft)
Sub Guns 11 turrets (5 per side with a centerline mount aft)
Torpedoes underwater torpedo 5 slots per side
Depth Charges N/A
Has Camouflage Yes
Cost 3125000
REXP 48500
Required Level 46
Upgraded From Queen Elizabeth-Class
Upgraded To HMS Vanguard, HMS Hood (refit) (September's Event Only)

The Admiral class was a series of battlecruisers designed at the end of the First World War, of which only one was built. They were the largest battlecruisers ever built. The only finished one, the HMS Hood, was 262 meters long, 31 meters wide, and displaced 45000+ tons.

Being one of the largest and most powerful warships in the world, it was involved in several "showing the flag" exercises. It later became the flagship of Force H, and took part in the attack on Mers el Kébir, a desperate attempt to stop the French fleet from falling into German hands. It later battled the battleship Bismarck, and sank in a catastrophic explosion.


  • High top speed, along with high maneuverability.
  • Unrealistically high damage when Nelson's 16" guns is equipped, along with unrealistically high armor with this gun setup.
  • High accuracy when any of the 15" guns is used.
  • Submerged torpedoes capable of dealing massive damage.
  • Extremely easy to "grind" in missions.


  • Top speed can barely increase, even with modifications.
  • Low accuracy when using 16" guns, low damage when using 15" guns.
  • Fairly short ranged unless RP12 15" guns are used.
  • Torpedoes has a short range.
  • Hood Camo
  • Admiral,s Gun Catalog
  • The Info About UK 2x15" BL mk 1
  • The 2x15" BL mk 2
  • The 3x16" BL mk 1
  • The 2x15" Mark 1/N RP12
  • 21" (533mm) Submerged Torpedoes