300px-USS Atlanta (CL-51)
Atlanta Class Light Cruiser
Affiliation United States Navy
Max Displacement 7,400
Main Guns 8 (3 Forward 2 Each Sides 3 Back)
Sub Gun 13
Torpedoes  2 (Each Side)
Anti-Sub 3 (Back)
Has Camoflauge No
Cost 81,250
REXP 1,900
Reqired Level 10
Upgraded from Gearing Class
Uprgarded To Cleveland Class, O Class Submarine

The Atlantas were a class of Light Cruisers that had a main battery of 16x 5" Cannons. With short range, high anti-air capabilities, and fast speeds for American Cruisers, they were leading Destroyer Squadrons during WW2.

The Atlanta Class had a Semi-sister, the Juneau Class. The primary difference is the Juneaus had only 12x5" Cannons, and no torpedoes, in exchange for more low-caliber Anti-aircraft (40mm, 20mm Cannons)

Of the Atlantas, two were sunk, both in the First Battle of Guadacanal.

Atlanta was sunk during the First Battle of Guadacanal

Juneau suffered the same fate as her sister Atlanta.

San Juan, San Diego, Tucson, Oakland, Reno, and Flint were scrapped.