Iowa Class Battleship

United States Navy

Max. Displacement 57,540
Main Gun 3 turret (2 forward, 1 aft)
Sub Gun 10 turrets (5 each side)
Torpedoes N/A
Depth Charges 2 ( )
Camoflage Yes, two (Iowa original, Missouri 1944)
Cost 5,500,000
REXP 100,000
Required Level 60
Uprgaded From North Carolina-class
Uprgaded To N/A

The Iowa-class battleships were a Class of Fast Battleship ordered by the United States Navy in 1939 and 1940 to escort the Fast Carrier Task Force that would operate in the Pacific Theater of World War II. 4 were Completed and Survived the war till now on whilst the other 2 Got Laid down and scrapped at the end of the War. In the 1980s, they were modernized to have missiles and point defense systems as a response to Russia building Kirov-class heavy missile cruisers. They were later turned into museum ships in the early 2000s. The 4 Iowas are:




New Jersey

In the Game Iowa Class Battleship can Equip its real gun The 3x16" Mark 7 and the Test(but later canceled) 2x18" Mark 1 and the 3x18" Mark A, Weight for the 3x16" Mark 7 and the 2x18" Mark 1 is not too heavy but 3x18 Mark 1 Weight over 11,000~.  The Iowa Class is a Fast Battleship like her real life and it would be wise to keep her as it is on 30 knots since her armour is not that very good. And for it's purposes Iowa can  be a ASW BB and a Good Shelling Support, but not as much as killer due her Low DPM and her Armour thus making her not very capable at Prolonged Broadside fight (If one Uses 3x16 Mark 7 and the2x18 Mark 1). 


  • Highly Maneuverable. (Top speed, rudder response, etc)
  • The only lv60 to have an ASW weapon.
  • Very accurate, unless Mark A 18" is used.
  • Very high damage when Mark A is used, rivaling that of montana.


  • Low Health pool, somewhat low Armor
  • Low damage when compared to its peers, at least when 16" or 18" Mark I is used.
  • Somewhat lengthy reload.

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