Japanese Battleship Hyuga

Ise-class Battleship

Afilliation Imperial Japanese Navy
Max. Displacement 40169
Main Guns 6 turrets (2 forward, 2 amidships, 2 aft)
Sub Guns 16 guns in casemates, 2 turrets
Torpedoes Nil
Depth Charges Nil
Has Camouflage No
Cost 701,490
REXP 35,000
Required Level 40
Upgraded From Kongo-class
Upgrades Into Amagi-class

The Ise-class battleships were essentially upgraded Fuso-class dreadnought battleships. Similar to the Fuso-class, they had six twin turrets, with Turret No. 3 grouped with Turret No.4 and facing aft in order to improve placement of magazines and other machinery. Both ships, Ise and Hyuga, were converted into aviation battleships unique to the IJN in order to bolster air power due to the loss of dedicated carriers. Both ships were lost in the war.

Ise and Hyuuga sinking due to a raid on Kure in 1945.