Japanese Battleship Kawachi

Kawachi-class Battleship

 Afilliation  Imperial Japanese Navy
Max. Displacement 22,900
Main Guns 6 (1 forward, 4 amidships; 2 per side, 1 aft)
Sub Guns 10 (2 forward, 6 amidships, 2 aft)
Torpedoes Nil
Depth Charges Nil
Has Camouflage No
Cost 280,700
REXP 9,500
REXP Gain Rate 8%
Required Level 23
Upgraded From Shikishima-class
Upgrades Into Kongo-class (1914), Kongo-class

The Kawachi class (河内型戦艦 Kawachi-gata senkan?) was a two-ship class of dreadnought battleships built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) in the first decade of the 20th century. Both ships bombarded German fortifications at Tsingtao during the Battle of Tsingtao in 1914, but saw no other combat in World War I. Kawachi sank in 1918 after an explosion in her ammunition magazine with the loss of over 600 officers and crewmen. Settsu was disarmed in 1922 and converted into a target ship two years later to meet the terms of the Washington Naval Treaty and served until she was sunk in 1945 by American carrier aircraft. The ship wasrefloated after the war and scrapped in 1946–47.