300px-Italian battleship Roma (1940) starboard bow view

Littorio Class Battleship

Afilliation Regia Marina
Max. Displacement 44,522 Tons
Main Guns 3 turrets (2 forward, 1 aft)
Sub Guns 16 turrets (8 on each side)
Torpedoes None
Depth Charges None
Camouflage None
Cost 4700000
REXP 63000
Required Level 53
Upgraded From Conte di Cavour (1940) Class Battleship
Upgrades Into UP41 Battleship

The Littorios were Italy's response to treaties set by International Law. Overweight, and boasting huge firepower, the Littorios were poorly used in-war, leading to the defeat of Italy, however, none were sunk by British Naval Units.

Littorio was scrapped

Roma was sunk due to Fritz X Bombs by.....Germans

Vittorio Veneto was scrapped

While Impero was cancelled