Japanese Cruiser Myoko

Myoko-class Heavy Cruiser
Affiliation Imperial Japanese Navy
Max. Displacement 13280
Main Guns 5 turrets (3 forward, 2 aft)
Sub Guns 4 turrets amidships, 2 per side
Torpedoes 4 banks, 2 per side
Depth Charges Nil
Has Camouflage yes
Cost 231,700
REXP 8,000
Required Level 22
Upgraded From Aoba-class
Upgrades Into Kongo-class

The Myoko Class Heavy Cruisers (Myokou Class Cruisers as an alternate) is the first modern heavy cruiser Japan possessed during WW2. Four ships were built, Myokou, Nachi, Haguro, and Ashigara.

Ashigara was famous for attending King George VI coronation, and earning the nickname "The Hungry Wolf."

Myokou was sunk as a target ship after the war.

Nachi was sunk onway to repair by aircraft.

Haguro was sunk by Destroyers HMS Subtle and Statesman.

Ashigara was sunk due to submarine attack.