Portland-class Heavy Cruiser

Affiliation United States Navy
Max Displacement 12,755 Tons
Main Guns 3 (2 Forward, 1 Aft)
Sub Guns 8
Torpedoes N/A
Depth Charges N/A
Camoflauge N/A
Cost 24,730 Silver
REXP 8000
Required Level 23
Uprgaded From Northampton-class
Upgraded To Nevada-class
  • The Baltimore's 3x8"/55 Cal can be Equipped on Portland
  • 2x8"/55 Cal
  • The 3x8/55 Cal
  • Portland gun Catalog
The Portland-class was the third class of heavy cruiser to be constructed by the United States Navy following the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922.The Portland-class was a modification of both the Pensacola and Northampton designs.

In the game, the Portland is regarded as one of better heavy cruisers, having a high speed with reasonable armor.