There are four classes of equippable weapons in Naval Frontlines: Naval Artillery, Anti Aircraft Artillery, Torpedoes, and Anti Submarine Weapons.

Naval Artillery Edit

Naval Artillery is the most basic of weapons, falling into three different sub categories: Small Caliber Guns (<5.5"), Medium Caliber Guns (5.5"-14"), and Large Caliber Guns (14">). Larger caliber weapons typically have longer range and do more damage, while smaller guns fire faster and have more shell arc.

Ammunition Edit

There are two kinds of ammunition that every naval gun will fire: Armor Piercing (AP), and High Explosive.

AP rounds have a solid metal core with a very hard metal cap and are designed to punch through thick armor, while HE rounds have an explosive filling and thin shell walls, and are designed to damage lightly armored targets.

There are a few things to know about AP and HE rounds: AP rounds must be able to penetrate their target or little to no damage will occur, while at the same time they must not over penetrate or again very little damage will be inflicted. HE almost works opposite to this. Large caliber HE shells are extremely effective against lightly armored ships.

Small Caliber Guns Edit

Medium Caliber Guns Edit

Large Caliber Guns Edit

  • Germany : 2 x 15"/52 SK C/34 Gun
  • USSR :
  • Kingdom of Italy :3x12.6/44model1934 2x12.6/44model1934 

Anti Aircraft Artillery Edit

Anti Aircraft Artillery, or AAA, is any weapon designed to counter enemy aircraft. These range from machine guns to large caliber Naval Artillery. Typically AAA is able to shoot at very high angles, to combat high flying aircraft.

Anti-Aircraft Guns Edit

  • USA :1x3 inch/23caliber gun (76mm)
  • Japan : 2 x 5"/40 Caliber DP Gun
  • Great Britain :
  • Germany :
  • USSR :
  • Kingdom of Italy :3x16/50 mark7gun  

Torpedoes Edit

The Torpedo is a self-propelled weapon with an explosive warhead, launched above or below the waters surface and propelled underwater towards a target. Torpedoes are generally slow and short ranged when compared to Naval Artillery, however, the amount of damage they cause is unprecedented. A single torpedo hit is usually more than enough to cripple most small vessels, and will do massive damage to any other target. Battleship captains need to be on guard for destroyers and submarines that get too close, as they can large amounts of damage very quickly.

Torpedos Edit

Torpedo Fire Sound

  • TPFire

Anti Submarine Warfare Edit

ASW systems are short range area effect weapons designed explicitly to destroy submarines. They are useless against surface targets. They work by launching projectiles laden with explosives in the general direction of the submarine (the best bet is to launch on top of and just ahead of target). The charges then sink down and detonate. If any of them land near the submarine and explode within a certain radius, the submarine sinks.

Anti Submarine Weapons Edit